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Water – Cremation

Your pet will receive the dignity it deserves and never leaves our care. Our professionals staff is very compassionate and caring. We are available to go to your veterinarian’s office or your personal home,  24/7.

  • TRULY Private Pet Aquamation

We pick up in a bed and blanket at any location 24/7. All our processes are sterilized to make sure you are guarantee the remains you receive are ONLY of your family pet. With our TRULY Private “Water – Cremation” you receive the same remains back like the flamed base cremation, except more because we do not use flames/burning. Our Private Package includes a Beautiful Wooden Urn, Remembrance Paw Print, Hair Clipping, Rainbow Bridge Poem with a turn around schedule of 4 -14 days. Our Process is the ONLY process that is similar to Mother Nature!

  • In-House Euthanizing

When you feel the time is appropriate we offer you and your family an in-house Compassionate Physician; or you can call your own Veterinarian to use our facility without any extra charges. The physician’s are paid directly, so no additional fees are added from Natures Pet Loss, just another service we glad offer by making this difficult time easier on you.  May this help your decision you have to make a comforting choice by allowing you and your family the Dignity and Respect you Deserve. Please call to make arrangements 24/7.

  • Pet / Human Memorial Room

For a Private Funeral, please come in and view our comforatble beautiful Chapel/Memorial Viewing Room that gives you choice to say your last goodbyes with Dignity and Respect.  This room holds up to 30 people for a Pet Aquamated or Cremated Human Funeral Service for families to pay their last tribute of their lives. We also offer an adjacent family room for additional space.

  • Paw Prints

Beautifully baked pet paw prints offers a very special remembrance of your beloved family pet.

  • Hair Clippings

The pet hair is cleaned before clipping the hair. We take pride in offering you remembrances that will last a life time.

  •  Remembrance Pet / Human Jewelry

Our wide selection of jewelry will fill anyones needs. We offer paw or nose pet prints that can be made in a forever beautiful jewelry piece.

  •  Pet / Human Cremated Urns

Our wide selection of Pet / Human Urns come in many styles, speciality items and sizes. Please click onto our web shop link or stop in our location to see our rare one of kind wooden urns designed ONLY in the USA!

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