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Red Ceramic Heart Urns

Red Ceramic Heart Urns


Red Ceramic Hearts are a deep red glaze, with accent darker tones toward the bottom. Red Ceramic Heart Urns shape of the top of the heart is has soft curves, and the tip swirls up very slightly.


Red Ceramic Heart Urns

Red Ceramic Heart Urns are made with a deep Selenium Red with high glossy clear glaze,  accented with darker tones toward the bottom. The coloring is never the exact same for each urn, they are all made by hand. They are beautifully unique from any other kind of heart urns. The top of the heart is shaped with soft curves, and the tip swirls up very so slightly. Red Ceramic Heart urns is available in 3 sizes; Adult, Medium, and Keepsake. Because they are made of ceramic they cannot be engraved, they can be only hand painted or crystal engraving. Please call for more details (352) 661-0130.

We are the only ones in the USA to carry these beautiful unique Red Ceramic Heart Urns. I carried many  heart urns from all over the country, unfortunately it took me over 3 years to decide to purchase these. Once I did I was extremely surprised of the beauty they compose; the picture does not do it justice! The variation of color and the soft tones it projects is comforting to know I can place a loved one, either your human or pet members remains and be very satisfied. It would be very hard to find ones similar to these. If you are looking for something special, then no need to look any further. I love this design, it stands out then any other heart urn.

The Red Ceramic Hearts are filled from the bottom. The keepsake urn can be displayed on a stand, stand not included. Please call for the stand for the medium size urn, I carry special sizes of stands at my location prices may vary.

If we are out of stock it may take up to 2-4 weeks before delivery, they are made in Europe.

Red Adult Heart Dimensions:  3 ” Height,   6 1/2 ” Wide,  Length 8.5 ”

Capacity: 150 Cubic Inches (Holds remains for healthy body of 150 pounds before cremation )

Red Medium Heart Dimensions: 3″ Height,   6 ” Wide,    6 ” Length

Capacity: 4050 Cubic Inches (Holds remains for healthy body of 40-50 pounds before cremation )

Red Keepsake Heart Dimensions: 1 1/2″ Height,   3 1/2″ Wide,    3″ Length

Capacity: Small amount, used for very small pet or keepsake



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