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Rosie was a Mommie twice but when she was five years old she was ready to give up that job and come to live in the Schlecht household with an older brother, Spikey and her own people parents. Rosie was a sweet, happy dog with bright eyes that followed us, making sure we were around. She had the cutest strut ever. Her legs moved like a little mechanical toy and we would laugh to watch her. Being a Jack Russell she of course had a mind of her own, but that made her even more unique and lovable to us. She walked every day with her Mom and was a fixture in the neighborhood, friendly and funny. Rosie went everywhere with her family. She loved to sleep on her back and with people (anyone). She loved to share her Dad’s after dinner cookie. She was 17 when we lost her an it has broken our hearts, but in our hearts is where she will remain.

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