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It’s been one month since you left us, Mommy and Thunder and I miss you every day. Time will help soften the pain, and we know you are happy now.
Thank you, Joyce, for the kindness and compassion you showed for us and for Dasha. We are so glad we found you.
We have rescued many dogs over the years, and those who do that know that there are some who clearly stand out from the rest.
Dasha was one, we have never known a dog with such joy for life.
Everyone she met was a new friend and someone new to play
with. It was a privilege to have her in my life, and I thank God
for sending her to me.
I love you, Dasha, you are in my heart forever, and I look for the
day when I’ll be with you again. Until then, have fun with Shiloh
and Raven and Gunther and Popeye and Greta and all the rest
of our beloved fur babies.
Mommy, Daddy, Thunder, Shiloh and Bullet.

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  1. Natures Pet Loss is truly sorry for your loss. Dasha is beautiful and loving family member that has touched many of hearts and will be truly missed. We want to thank you for taking the opportunity to allow us to care for your Dasha. The loss is very difficult, I can only hope you find peace in knowing she is being loved and watch over by the Lord, Shiloh, Raven, Gunther, Popeye, & Greta. Take care and God bless.

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