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Floral Bloom Adult Urn


Floral Bloom Adult Urn


This Adult Floral Urn is the perfect way to remember your loved one or loved ones.

Holds up to 420 cubic inches, this is a large urn is used for 2 people or one adult with their loving pets or memorials.


Floral Bloom Adult Urn

Floral Bloom Adult Urn is a showcase for those who appreciate the floral world. The blooms are in perfect design as if they are real. The beauty of this urn displays the true gardener, the love of blooming flowers. Many men have been garners all their life, this urn compliments the use for either male or females, even all your family pets. Breath taking urn for display in any room.

Floral Bloom Adult Urn is a dual urn for 2. A breathtaking way to remember your loved ones. The porcelain floral urn comes from Germany in two pieces, top, and bottom. Porcelain is a finer product than the standard ceramic. Holds up to 420 cubic inches. There are many ways this urn can be used. It holds all of your loved ones remain plus your loving person who you want to be with internally. Or this urn can include many of your family pet members with your remains. You can even fill this urn with mementos and your remains, there is plenty of room. It is a European urn, which includes ropes to help you lower the urn if you decide to burry, I like this extra rope since I worked in the cemetery, saving you from falling in or dropping the urn unexpectedly! 

I fell in love with this urn at first sight and I know you will love it too. Its elegant floral design shows the beauty of these elegant flowers representing the love and peace you have for your beloved one. 

Size is 12.5″ tall by 8″ round.

The perfect compliment to the floral bloom keepsake urn/memorial box.

We are proud to be the ONLY location in the USA that carries this product, please call if you need more details. (352) 777-4990 ask for Joyce.

Cremation pendant (comes with 20″ chain and box), and earrings are sterling silver, rhodium plated. Stone is Swarovski crystal.


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