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Paw Print Key Chain Remembrance Jewelry

Paw Print Key Chain Remembrance Jewelry


Stainless steel paw print key chain will not tarnish, rust or stain. Beautiful way to express your love by keeping your loved ones close to you.


Paw Print Key Chain Remembrance Jewelry

A beautiful way to remember your loving family pet member. Stainless steel black and polished silver tone paw print key chain jewelry is made of 316 Stainless Steel, it does not tarnish, stain or rust! The pendant holds only a very small amount of remains. You can place hair with remains inside of this pendant. The beauty and longevity will last forever. Most people with allergies can only have stainless steel jewelry. Comes with a complete caring instructions. Glue and necklace is sold separately.

If you purchase more than 5 pendants, please call (352) 777-4990 for discount. We carry at our store over 250 different remembrance jewelry that hold remains to choose from, call for more information. Thank you.


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