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Dog / Cat Keepsake Ceramic Italian Urn

Dog / Cat Keepsake Ceramic Italian Urn


Beautiful Dog or Cat Keepsake Ceramic Italian Urn is so elegant and simple it is hard to believe it is an urn. You will fall in love with it!


Dog / Cat Keepsake Ceramic Italian Urn is made with love. You can order these urns in many different color configurations. The simplicity of the style is an elegant designed so not to note what king of a breed your famliy member is, but to show that it is a figure of a wimpsical dog or cat without letting anyone know this is your family pet remians are inside. It is easily to care for, just wipe with a damp cloth. I was concerned that the bisques would not clean up well, but I was wrong, it is very easy to clean.

You will only find this Dog / Cat Keepsake Ceramic Italian Urn at our location in the USA.

I used this urn to place a small amount of my best friend remains. He always wanted to have his own big dog, but the nursing home did not allow him. He was a man with kind words and was a very simple man. Since he loved animals I placed him in an urn that he always talked about, “Big Black Dog”. I feel in love with these urns from the day I saw them. They don’t state or look like your typical urn. Yet they fill the purpose with a touch of elegance. There is no reason to use this urn just for a dog, you will fall in love with this urn as I did myself.

It is filled from the bottom and you will need clear silicone to seal it. Silicone is not supplied. This is perferred over the use a crazy glue.

Size: Cat or Dog Small Keepsake

Holds: Up to 1-2 cubic inches or 1-2 0unces before cremation.

Extra small keepsake designed for sitting cats.

Holds: Up to .5 cubic inches or 6 ounces before cremation.


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