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Lovely Biodegradable Adult Urn


Lovely Biodegradable Adult Urn


Lovely Biodegradable Adult Urn

100% decorative are urns are produced from organic resources. Giving them an excellent shelf life; breaking down starts approximately 3-5 years, once they are placed in the soil.


Lovely Biodegradable Adult Urn

Lovely Biodegradable Adult Urn is 100% biodegradable. The decorative urns are produced from organic resources. Having an excellent shelf life, they will not break down only until you plant the urn into the soil. Giving you time to reflect on your decision and what you choose to do when you are ready to say your final goodbye. Only when they are placed into the soil do they begin to break down 3 to 5 months and are back to nature in approximately 3-5 years. These urns hold remains up to 220 cubic inches or 220 pounds before cremation.

These lovely biodegradable urns surface is a white pearl iridescent, manufactured in Germany.  Carefully selected commemorative design ribbons are made of high-quality laminates, giving you the choice to mourn respectfully.

We are proud to carry such a beautiful biodegradable. Most biodegradable urns look and feel like paper, this one looks and feels like an urn.

Lovely Biodegradable Adult Urn:


The rose is the sign for everlasting love (even beyond death) the sign of beauty and purity as well as for life, newly arisen out of death. This element of adornment combines a lasting floral tribute with the symbolism of the roses. Red roses are a symbol of love. White is the symbol of purity, and pink is a symbol of passion, care, and friendship.

Many people feel a strong sense of unity with their homeland. The designs of the Patriotic Series amplify the feeling of unity with the homeland. Showing the veterans who served our county the respect and dignity they deserve.

Many are given strength, peace, and reassurance by their religion. It is a meaningful part of their lives. The designs of the Religion Series symbolize the bond between heaven and earth.  Religion shows the relationship between man and his fellow man.


Trees illustrate the basic principles of life. The root themselves deeply, they bend and adapt through all seasons with the strength of the wind. Wood symbolizes Deliverance, Goodness, Creation, and Spring. This ribbon urn represents the beauty of wood without the destruction of killing a tree.


The beauty of flowers have been a symbol of love for many years. The selection we carry will satisfy the love you can show your loved one.



Eko-Urns are made from ARBOFORM® consisting of lignin, which is a byproduct in the cellulose pulp process, similar to making paper. Lignin is a product that is made for injectable molds. It is used even on car steering wheels.

ARBOFORM® product breaks down the same natural way grown wood, i.e. by decay. The amount of CO2 pollutant that is emitted in this process, is no more than in the atmosphere by the plants while growing.

“ARBOFORM® is liquid wood” or



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