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Purple Awareness Ribbon Tea Light

Purple Awareness Ribbon Tea Light

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Purple Awareness Ribbon Tea Light is a way to honor the memory of a loved one. This is our way of contributing to the awareness of this disease.

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Purple Awareness Ribbon Tea Light

Honor the memory of a loved one. This is our way of contributing to the awareness of this disease. Purple Awareness™ 5″ Tall Tea Light Urn is beautifully designed in signature Purple Awareness with pewter ribbon and pewter accents.

Tea-light Awareness Purple is a small cremation urn for ashes with a memorial candle holder in its cap.

Size: Keepsake and Small Urns

Dimensions: 5″H x 3.25″D

Capacity: 18 Cu. Inches

Material: Brass & Alloy

Opening: Top-Screw on Lid

A purple ribbon is worn to raise awareness for various causes, including:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Alpha-1[1] Alzheimer’s disease
Anti-gay bullying
Arnold-Chiari malformation
Autoimmune disorders
Victims of 9/11
Child abuse
Crohn’s disease
Animal abuse
Cystic fibrosis
Domestic violence
Eating disorder awareness
Elder Abuse
Evans syndrome
Father’s rights and parental rights
Gastrointestinal cancer
Gynecologic cancer
Hidradenitis suppurativa
Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Huntington’s disease
International Women’s Day
Macular degeneration
Multiple system atrophy
Overdose prevention
Pagan Pride Day
Pancreatic cancer
Pediatric hemiplegia and pediatric stroke
Proportional representation in UK government
Pulmonary hypertension
Religious tolerance
Rett Syndrome
Rumination Syndrome
Suicide prevention (entered use after a 2010 outbreak of LGBT teen suicide)[citation needed] Sarcoidosis
Testicular cancer
Trisomy 18
Thyroid cancer
Ulcerative colitis
Wildland firefighters
Workers’ Memorial Day
Xenophobia and homophobia (Austria, 2009)
Domestic violence awareness

Small holds up to 18 cubic inches, tall holds up to 58 cubic inches. Comes lovely black with a velvet pouch.


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