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Organic Soil Natural Compost Plant Extracts Urn


Organic Soil Natural Compost Plant Extracts Urn


The most earthly designed urn, to show your dignity and respect for your loved ones. Organic, hand made urns beautifully designed with Eco-Friendly, being 100% biodegradable urn that you can place in the earth to restart the birth of you becoming part of life again!



Organic Soil urn is an organic urn hand made with organic compost, fiber, golden sand bounded by hand with natural plant extracts. This urn is for those who are conscience about our environment!

It can be filled with seeds or a small tree instead of the lid to complete the circle of life.

These beautifully hand made urn shows how much you loved the earth, and are willing to become part of the tree you plant, so you legacy lives on and on. Once the tree passes on you can be made into a table, bowl or a wooden pendant. The Adult urn holds up to 220 cubic inches, or 200 pounds.  Remove top and place with a tree that will grown to your zone, tree is not included.

Pet design is to hold up to 60 cubic inches, or 60 pounds (before cremation).


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