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Organic Salt Urn


Organic Salt Urn




This urns are hand-crafted urn made using only saline and natural components. It is 100% biodegradable and completely soluble one it comes in contact with seawater. The most dignified and respectful way to say goodbye at sea.

Organic SaltUrn is an urn 100% biodegradable and completely soluble, designed for depositing ashes in the sea. Hand-crafted using saline and natural components only, it is the result of optimizing the material to build a spherical urn with complete functionality. The urn has an approximate dissolution time of a little over five minutes when submerged in seawater which may vary based on the water temperature.

Round Paw Print urn is hand made complete with Sand, it can be placed in the ocean, river, or land.

All Urns come with a Cotton bag outside for shipping, and biodegradable bag inside.


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